Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hard Candy Glitter Eyeshadow in Ammo Review, Pictures, Swatches

Please Read: I am not paid by any cosmetic companies to review any of these products. Everything I review is bought by me, and I will always give a %100 honest review.
  • Packaging:  Comes in a cute white doughnut pan. I think it looks really cute, but there was a problem with opening it. You need to place your thumb near the center and slide it out- BUT mine kept getting stuck. So it's a little dificult to slide open, but I ended up getting it after a few tries.
  • Product: The actual product is VERY creamy and lightweight. The formula is very fluffy and has a good texture. I appled Ammo to my lid and crease with my finger @ 2:55 PM and did a check on it after 10 minutes. At 3:05 PM there was definitely some creasing going on, which was a red flag in my books. This product needs either a primer as a base, or maybe an eyeshadow or eyeliner as a base for it to work properly in your crease. This product actually has good staying power, which was definitely a plus.  
    • Ammo:  is a light apple green shade of glitter.
  • Dupes:  N.A. 
  • Final Thoughts: If you're trying out Hard Candy for the first time and are looking to be impressed, I don't think you should go out and try this specific product. It's not necessarily a BAD product, but if you generally have oily skin/ eyelids this is a bad product to choose. I think I would use this product again, but I'm not sure if I would go buy it again. 

10 minutes after application.

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