Saturday, June 4, 2011

NYX Cosmetic's Frosted Beige Review

Please Read: I am not paid by any cosmetic companies to review any of these products. Everything I review is bought by me, and I will always give a %100 honest review.
  • Packaging: The nail polish comes in a clear rectangular glass bottle, and it has a gold cap. The applicator is nothing really special. It's the perfect size, and it does the job well.
  • Product: The nail polish has a really good consistency, and it lasts a long time with a top coat. I have a few of these shades, and I really like them all.
    • Frosted Beige: is a sheer champagne beige shade. This colour looks best with two coats.
  • Final Thoughts: These nail polishes are really nice, they're a good price for good quality. With 72+ different shades, you can't really go wrong. 
  • Availability: $3.00 @ CherryCulture

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  1. This is so pretty. :) I have something similar.