Friday, February 25, 2011

Constellations Makeup Look

I had so much fun doing this look! I pulled inspiration from the night sky, and stars! The only bad thing about the pictures is that the flash on my camera doesn't catch glitter very well, and there was a lot more than it seems. Oh well, enjoy!!

Product List:
- Dollipop by Sugarpill
- Poison Plum by Sugarpill
- Afterparty by Sugarpill
- Purple (92) by Make Up Forever
- Neon Pink by Make Up Forever
- Stars'n'Rockets by MAC
- Black by NYX Cosmetics
- White by NYX Cosmetics
- Gold Loose Glitter by NYX Cosmetics
- Purple Loose Gitter by NYX Cosmetics
- Blackest Black Gel Liner by Maybeline
- Black Falsies Lashes Mascara by Maybeline
- 24 Karet Lipgloss by NYX Cosmetics
- Some Like it Hot Eyelashes by NYX Cosmetics

Tonight, I'm seeing stars.


  1. Oh my friggin' god, this is probably the BEST make up idea I've ever seen, and believe me I saw a lot (I mean - there's Alex Box out there, the creative monster), this is SO beautiful!

  2. Absolutely digging it. So good, that I wish I would have thought of it! :-)

  3. Thank you both :D Mandy you should definitely try it out anyways and see what you come up with!