Sunday, February 27, 2011

Packing Makeup for Toronto!

In my previous post I mentioned how I was going to Toronto tomorrow, well I'm bringing some of my makeup collection in a train case so I can do makeup on my best friend!

I wanted to share how I packed up some of my makeup safely for the train ride. The train case will be in my suitcase, so I wanted to make sure things were secure and hopefully they wont be thrashing around. The top "drawer" contains most of my eyeliners, which didn't need a lot of padding. The second "drawer" is carrying most of my MAC eyeshadows. I put two layers of bubble wrap onto of it to make it extra secure. I don't want any broken MAC eyeshadows! In the bottom tier I have my 88 Palette right on the bottom, with all my NYX and Sephora lipglosses elastic'd together in two seperate groups, I have my brush cleanser, some MAC lipsticks, some MAKE UP FOREVER shadows, as well as some of the brushes I won't be needing in the morning! I topped everything off with another layer of bubble wrap on top.

I'll be bringing another large makeup bag with me (as a carry-on most likely), containing my cleanser, face primer, foundation, concealers, eye primers, makeup brushes, and maybe a couple eyeshadow quads or two.

My train leaves at 12:00 PM tomorrow, and i'll be arriving in Toronto at around 5:00ish PM. I might actually write another blog post that evening, maybe post a couple pictures. :)

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