Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rimmel Eyeshadow Trio in Dark Angel Review

I bought this eyeshadow trio a few months ago on sale for $4.00, original price is $7.00.
  • Packaging: These trios come in a plastic trapezoid shaped pans, with three different colours. The trios come with a sponge brush applicator.
  • Product: All three eyeshadow shades are shimmery, and generally go on smoothly, they could be more smooth though.
    • Colour 1: is a light silver colour, very shimmery.
    • Colour 2: is a medium purple colour, slightly shimmery.
    • Colour 3: is a dark grey colour, slightly shimmery.
  • Final Thoughts: I really think these trios are a good choice if you are on a budget. There are 9 different colour combinations, so theres a decent amount of variety.
  • Availability:  Rimmel London, Shoppers Drug Mart, Pharma Plus

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