Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tutorial: Easy MAC + Milk Look

If you're a fan of MAC Cosmetics on Facebook you might have noticed them uploading pictures from fashion shows and etc. They uploaded a ton of this really nice glitter-y glossy look. Here's how to get a similar look using minimal and inexpensive products.

What You'll Need: A plastic lunch bag / zip lock. A clear lipgloss (Rimmel's Royal Gloss in Gourmet). A nice glitter of your choice (NYX Glitter in Gold and Apple). A synthetic brush  (QUO's Large Concealer brush). And a primer, which is optional (Too Faced Shadow Insurance).

Step 1: Prime your eyelids with Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

Step 2: Squeeze out some of Rimmel's Gourmet lipgloss onto the plastic bag, about the size of a dime for now.

Step 3: Pour some glitter onto the gloss, I'm adding two different colour (NYX Cosmetic's Glitter in Apple and Gold) glitters for a different effect.

Step 4: Mix it all around with the synthetic concealer brush until you get a good consistency. Depending on how much glitter or gloss you put in, you might want to add more of either. It all just depends on how much you really want.

Step 5: Apply the glitter gloss to your eyelids and blend it upwards.

Step 6: Apply more to your lower lashline.

Add mascara if you want. Theres so many different things you can do for this look. Theres tons of different styles of glitters you can get, and using different techniques you can achieve different effects! Try the glitter gloss on your lips too!

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