Monday, May 30, 2011

Tutorial: Weird, Whispy Bubble Pony

Here it is, as promised. The first hairstyle tutorial on ChromaticMakeup. I hope you all enjoy this tutorial, and maybe try this out for yourself. This hairstyle is a lot of fun, and super cute for summer.

What You Will Need: 3 elastics (or more), a comb, volumizing hairspray (optional), bobbi pins (optional).

Step 1: Start off by tying your hair up with an elastic, into a medium-high or high ponytail. As you can see, my hair is shorter and reddish because I got it done a couple weeks ago.

(Apologies for the colour weirdness in this picture, it was a little out of focus and flash was being weird.)

Step 2: Using that comb, tease tease TEASE (back-comb) your entire ponytail. The more you tease it, the better the result. Once you have a huge rat looking thing hanging off your head, you're ready for the next step.

If you want less whispyness, use the bobbi pins to pin up any extra hair. Also, if you feel it's necessary, use a volumizing spray to bump up the volume. I personally didn't use either things!

Step 3: Take another elastic, and tie it near the center of your ponytail. You should be able to see the bubble effect.

Then tease the rest of your ponytail AGAIN just to add more bubbly-ness to the last bubble.

Step 4: Tie the last elastic in the center of the rest of your hair from the ponytail.

If you have enough hair, go for another bubble! But don't forgot to tease your hair even more.

This look is VERY versatile, believe it or not! I rock this look with super blunt bangs that hang down over my eyebrows.

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