Sunday, May 8, 2011

Urban Decay's Apocalyptic Nail Set Review

Please Read: I am not paid by any cosmetic companies to review any of these products. Everything I review is bought by me, and I will always give a %100 honest review.
  • Packaging:  The nail polishes come in tiny nail polish jars, inside plastic casing to hold them in place. This particular set comes with a long, sparkly purple zipper makeup bag that says Urban Decay on it. This is great for storage, and it's super cute. The applicator in the polishes is a little too small for my taste, and it seems like it takes so much longer to apply the shade to your nails.
  • Product: These nail polishes are all beautiful shades, and they're pretty runny. I was a little surprised because I noticed these chip quickly.. for Urban Decay I think they should be more long lasting. A top coat is definitely needed. The drying speed is definitely average; nothing special.
    • White Widow: is a light shimmery grey/white. 
    • Gunmetal: is a shimmery brown/ grey.
    • Apocalypse: is a redish plum shade.
    • Grunge: is a shimmery medium grey.
    • Meltdown: is a medium shimmery purple shade.
    • Big Bang: is a metallic bright pink shade. 
    • Fbomb: is a medium faded red shade.
  • Final Thoughts: These are really awesome shades, and this nail set is always out of stock! So many people wanted this, and I totally think it's worth the money. I just wish they didn't chip as often! 
  • Availability: $26.00 @ Urban Decay
Gunmetal, White Widow

Apocalypse, Grunge, Meltdown

Big Bang & Fbomb
White Widow, Gunmetal, Apocalyptic

Grunge, Meltdown

Big Bang, Fbomb

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