Friday, June 3, 2011

CherryCulture Haul & MAC Updates

Hi everyone! My other CherryCulture package came in today! I ordered 6 of the NYX nail polishes. They're all so pretty! Reviews will be posted soon! I'm getting quite the collection of these now! :D

And for everyone who wanted to know what happened with MAC, I ended up calling a MAC store and asking if they had any in stock. Luckily they did, so they put one on hold for me (Surf USA). I went and picked it up, and was a happy camper. When I got home much later, it turns out, Grace from MAC called back and said she had found ONE in the warehouse, and to call her back. So when I get my Visa bill in the mail i'll find out if they ripped me off or not, but either way I'll get my money back. :)

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