Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Not Impressed With MAC!

Hi everyone, I'm not impressed with MAC Cosmetics at the moment! I just received my package that was SUPPOSED to contain Surf USA & Short Shorts eyeshadows from Surf Baby in the mail about 20 minutes ago.To my surprise, Surf USA was no where to be found inside the package. I had a mini-heart attack, and then I checked over my receipt that came with my package. It said Surf USA was cancelled with my order.

I called MAC Cosmetics Canada in Toronto (at around 6:30 PM), and spoke to a rep for about 5 minutes. I gave her my information, and she told me she had no idea why Surf USA was removed, because it was in stock, the payment went through and everything. She then told me it was still in stock, so I should just go re-order it online, and she gave me another free shipping code and everything.

I returned to my laptop to order it, and of course it was SOLD OUT. I called her right back, and I ended up talking to the ANSWERING MACHINE. Apparently their offices closed at 5:00 PM, yet I spoke to her at 6:30 PM... So I left a message asking WTF (but a lot more politely). I hope they get back to me soon... this is such an outrage. I am PISSED because...

1. Surf Baby was one of the most impressing collections MAC came out with in a while. (In my opinon.)
2. Surf USA is only limited edition.
3. I was told it was in stock, when it wasn't.
4. When I called back, apparently they were already closed.

(I figured summing everything up would be easier to follow/understand)

Have you ever been in an annoying situation like this?

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  1. Thats really rubbish that they cancelled it on you, it's been on sale in the UK for a bit went out of stock but has "appeared" again even the blush so I do wonder if they are ever actually sold out...