Thursday, March 31, 2011

Up To %75 OFF Urban Decay on HauteLook!!

I purchased UD's Apocalyptic Nail Set for only $10.00 from HauteLook! (Originally $30) You need an invite to purchase from HauteLook, so click any of the links provided to sign up for free, and get AMAZING deals on makeup. They always have new brands, so honestly this is like one of the best sites to buy from.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Crushed Blue Candy Nails

This is what I did yesterday with my nails. I applied a coat of Sally Hansen's Blue Me Away polish as a base, then applied China Glaze's Crushed Candy crackle polish on top.

Sweet As Candy Look Using WnW

I did this quick look using Wet'n'Wild's Sweet as Candy trio yesterday. I'll be posting a review for the trio soon. I finished the look off with LÓreal's Telescopic Explosion mascara.

Make Up Forever's HD Not Retouched Campaign Videos

A Collection of Things I Recently Bought

What: China Glaze Crushed Candy
When: March 10th
Price: $7.00 + 2.00 Shipping
Delivery: March 24h

I was soo excited to finally order one of China Glaze's crackle polishes. This colour works really nicely with darker blues, and blacks underneath.

What: 1500 Nail Art Glitter Rhinestones
When: March 15th
Price: 1.49 + Free Shipping
Delivery: March 30th-35nd

I was hoping to gain better nail art skills by buying some tools. So this is one of a few things I bought for nail art.

What: 3 Nail Art Brushes
When: March 15th
Price: $0.99 + Free Shipping
Delivery: March 30th-35nd

Once again, these are for me to practice nail art. Since I suck so bad. :P

What: 180 Fruit Slice Nail Art Pieces
When: March 21rst
Price: $0.99 + Free Shipping
Delivery: April 4th-7th

THESE.. well I just couldn't resist not buying since I was already buying a few things for nail art.

What: Nail Art Practice Wheel
When: March 23rd
Price: $0.99 + Free Shipping
Delivery: April 5th-8th

I bought this because I thought it would be easier to practice nail art on, and it's a lot easier to swatch these instead of taking off my nail polish when I buy new ones.

What: 20 Dice Labret Piercings
When: March 27th
Price: $1.00 + $1.29 Shipping
Delivery: April 9th-11th

I like having options for my labret piercing. This was more of an impulse purchase. :P

What: Pink Case for Samsung Instinct
When: March 29th
Price: $0.99 + Free Shipping
Delivery: April 11th - 13th

I actually need a case for my phone, and it was pink! :)

What: Vintage Styled Octopus Ring
When: March 28th
Price: $3.26 + Free Shipping
Delivery: April 10th - April 12th


What: 10 Labret Piercings
When: March 29th
Price: $0.95 + Free Shipping
Delivery: April 11th - 13th

Okay so I went a little overboard with the labret piercings.

I also bought a present for my best friend whos in France right now (lucky ho), but I can't post it because it's a surprise. :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Neutrals and False Eyelashes Look (88 Palette)

I wore this on Saturday night. I used around four colours on the 88 Palette, and I'll be updating the product list later.

Wet'n'Wild Don't Steal My Thunder Trio: Review, Pictures Swatches

Theres been a lot of hype about these trios, so I finally decided to buy one. There are a lot of pictures for this review, so I wrote a lot of captions for each picture to specify what I'm showing. :P
  • Packaging:  The palette comes in a plastic package. It's cheap, but if you don't throw it at your wall angrily I'm sure it'll be fine. They're really easy to store. It comes with two makeup brushes- a tiny sponge brush and some sort of cheap angeled brush. When I used the palette and brushes for a practice look, I used only the sponge brush and the angle brush, I definitely wouldn't recommend using them for the application. 
  • Product: These trios are well pigmented, and one of the best drugstore palettes you can find at this price. They're easy to blend, and they're very soft. If you look at the pictures, you can see that I accidentally tried to pick up the product too roughly, so some of it broke off.  
    • Don't Steal My Thunder: is a trio with a frosted white brow shade, a shimmery silver eyelid colour, and a shimmery dark grey, almost black crease colour.
  • Final Thoughts: These are some of the best drugstore palette/trios you can find out there for such a great price because of their pigmentation and range of colours. Once again, I wouldn't use the brushes/sponge brush that the palette came with if you want goo application (see pictures). I definitely will be buying more soon.
  • Availability: $4.99, Wal-Mart, Loblaws Superstore, Wet'n'Wild
From left to right: Browbone, Crease, Eyelid
This is the practice look I did using the palette and brushes.

This is the practice look I did using the palette and brushes.

This is the practice look I did using the palette and brushes.

This is the practice look I did using the palette and brushes.

This is the practice look I did using the palette and brushes.


Don't Steal My Thunder

Back of the packaging.

The colours. The browbone colour looks really bright because of the flash.

I was fighting with the sticker seal when I first unwrapped it.

This really shows the softness of the eyeshadows.

Fall out.

Crease colour

Eyelid Colour

The brushes that came with the palette

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Black Crushed Candy Nails

I did my nails last night with China Glaze's Crushed Candy Crackle polish because I was having people over. I applied Wet'n'Wild's black polish as a base, then applied Crushed Candy over that. I really liked the way it turned out.