Monday, March 14, 2011

Updates, Giveaway Winners, & Cookie

This is Cookie. He had a crazy night.
Hello! So you may have noticed I changed around the site a bit. It's more organized now, and easier to browse. I'll still be tweaking a few things around before it's actually finished.

Anyways.. I've been super busy lately, and I never got to post the WINNER of my most recent giveaway... Katrina N!!! Congrats, I emailed you yesterday! Still no reply.. but hopefully you check soon. :) I also have ANOTHER surprise... I chose a SECOND winner who will be receiving an 88 Palette as well!! And the second winner, once again drawn at random.. is Leeann! Who has ALSO been emailed, and I got a reply this morning!! Congrats to BOTH winners, and once again I'm sorry for the huuuge delay! I'll definitely be holding another giveaway ASAP!

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