Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bodycology Cherry Blossom Shower Gel & Foaming Bath Review

  • Packaging:  These shower gels come in tall, clear, plastic bottles with a squeeze out nossel. I have to say it's pretty difficult to squeeze out of the bottle. But other than that, the packaging is good and durable.

  • Product: These products give off a fresh and light scent, and it really makes you feel clean. 
    • Cherry Blossom: is a light-scented gel, like a cherry blossom. 

  • Final Thoughts: There are over 100 different products by Bodycology, and over 100 different scents to choose from. These are VERY reasonable priced products. The scents are really strong, but I personally like the lighter and fresher scents because I normally use a body spray.

  • Availability: $4.00, Wal-Mart, Bodycology

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