Friday, March 25, 2011

How To: Avoid Lipstick Stains On Your Teeth

Bold crimson lip color has an all-eyes-on-you effect — the reason it's so popular on the red carpet. Trouble is, its rich pigment seems to have a magnetic pull toward teeth. What's the deal? "Red shades can be packed with three times more pigment than paler shades," explains alan Farer, vice president of color research and development at Coty. "The stark contrast of red on white is simply more noticeable than pink or nude on white."

Here's a quick tip on how to avoid getting lipstick smudges all over your teeth. All you need is a Q-tip, petroleum jelly, and of course your favorite lipstick!

Step 1: Apply your lipstick like normal.

Step 2: Grab a Q-tip and run it accross your teeth to pick up any excess pigmentation on your teeth.

Step 3: Dip the other end into petroleum jelly, and then rub it on the front of your teeth.

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