Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sugarpill's Buttercupcake, Poison Plum, Afterparty, Midori,& Dollipop, Review Pictures & Swatches

I love love LOVE Sugarpill Cosmetics! I wanted to create a review and pile in all the eyeshadows I own.
  • Packaging:  The eyeshadows come in circular, flat, dome-shaped and really cute packages! The logo is actually printed on the packaging, it's not just a sticker. On the bottom there's the logo again on a sticker, with information about the shade, like the name, weight and the Sugarpill site url. These are easy to store. These eyeshadows are larger than a MAC eyeshadow. (See pictures for comparison) These packages are definitely not cheap, they're durable. 
  • Product: Each shade is intensely pigmented, and unique. These colours go on smoothly, and they're easy to blend.
    • Buttercupcake: is a bright matte yellow. This is by far my favorite eyeshadow ever. It has great opaque coverage and pigmentation. This shade is Vegan!
    • Poison Plum: is a medium purple with a semi-pearl sheen. This shade is very dramatic, but I wish it was a little more opaque! I compared it to Make Up Forever's Purple. See pictures for swatches/comparisons. This shade is Vegan!
    • Afterparty: is a bright turquoise with a semi-pearl sheen. This was one of my first Sugarpill eyeshadows, I totally fell in love with the intensity of this colour. This shade is Vegan!
    • Dollipop: is a bright matte hot pink. Definitely another one of my favorites. This shade is similar to Make Up Forever's Neon Pink. See pictures for the swatches/comparisons.
    • Midori: is a vibrant green with a slight pearl sheen. This shade reminds me of a minty sort of colour? This shade is Vegan!
  • Final Thoughts: If you're looking for bright, affordable, pigmented colours, look no further. A little bit goes a long way with Sugarpill! Sugarpill is definitely my favorite brand for "out there" shades. Sugarpill also offers 4 more shades of pressed eyeshadows, 17 more loose pigments, 2 sets of false eyelashes, and two cute logo stickers for $1 each! (One comes free in every package) If you want to purchase some products from Sugarpill, but dont have a credit card, you can go out to stores like Wal-Mart and purchase Pre-Paid Credit Cards. They come in $25, $50, $75 & $100. Get your Sugarpill fix!!
  • Availability: $12 each,
Buttercupcake, Poison Plum, Afterparty, Dollipop, Midori

Dollipop VS Make Up Forever's Neon Pink (75) - Dollipop is a little lighter, although they photograph very similarly.

Afterparty VS NYX Cosmetic's Matte Turquoise - Afteryparty is brighter and more intense.

Poison Plum VS Make Up Forever's Purple - Poison Plum is less opaque, and more of a deep colour. 

Back of the packaging.

Size Comparison: Midori VS MAC's Sassy Grass

Cutest packaging ever!


Poison Plum




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  1. Awesome colors,I really liked the Poison Plum & Dollipop (: