Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Amuse 6 Colour Blush & Contour Palette: Review

Hot and cold with this product!
  • Packaging: The palette container is pretty cheap, it seems like it could easily break. When you open up the palette, each pan is in a different outer pan (see pictures). The colour pans seem to be a little loose, although they dont fall out when you flip the palette upside down and tap it. If the palette does break or the colours do pop out, I would recommend getting a magnetic palette to put these in. The palette comes with a double-ended brush and a thin strip of mirror at the bottom.
  • Product: Surprisingly enough, each blush/contour shade is well pigmented and they're a good size. They're bigger than a MAC eyeshadow but smaller than a Sugarpill eyeshadow. The shades have a light scent, but nothing offensive. I would even use some of these as eyeshadows.The double-ended brush that came with this is just terrible. It sheds easily and  it makes applying the blush colour difficult and annoying. 
    • Final Thoughts: All in all, the packaging is cheap, the brush is cheap, but the colours are worth buying the palette for. And if worst comes to worst and the palette breaks, you can get another one.
    • Availability: $3.99, CherryCulture.com

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