Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lide Nail Art Brushes in 0, 1, & 2 Review

I received these today upon ordering them a couple weeks ago from eBay. This will be a very short review.
  • Packaging:  These nail art pen/brushes come in a plastic package with the company logo. The brushes themselves are in long white tubes with colour coordinated tips depending on their number. The packaging is pretty cheap, but it doesn't seem like it'll break easily. 
  • Product: These brushes are synthetic, very thin, but sturdy.  
    • 0: is red, and also the thinest and smallest out of the brushes.
    • 1: is blue, and the second thinest and smallest out of the brushes.
    • 2: is green, and the largest out of the three brushes.
  • Final Thoughts: These brushes were cheap, but I think they're decent for use. I really wanted to be able to expand my skills when it comes to nail art, because I really have none. These are a great extra tool to have.  
  • Availability: $0.99, Seller: Kailai_Up

#2, #1, #0

#2, #1, #0




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