Friday, December 31, 2010

Boxing Day Haul Part 2: MAC Eyeshadows

[Part 1] This is the first chance I've actually gotten to continue my Boxing Day haul. Better late than never. :3

Okay so I had gone to MAC four times on Boxing Day, and ended up buying two lipsticks and four eyeshadows. (Lipsticks here) I bought De-Vil, Aquadiasiac, Humid, and Sweet & Punchy.
  • De-Vil is a rich bronze colour with orangy undertones. It's part of the Cruella de Vil portion of Venomous Villains Collection.
  • Aquadisiac is a shimmery sea turquoise colour with a lustre finish.  
  • Sweet & Punchy is a limited edition bright yellow-green from the To The Beach Collection. (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Humid is a permanent frosty intense green from the To The Beach Collection.