Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Makeup: Silver Eyes & Red Lips

Yaay more holiday looks! This is my makeup from yesterday :) I received a tube of Silver Eye Mousse from my mom a few weeks ago, and I JUST tried it out yesterday because I forgot about it, hahah. I love it! It's the colour on the lid. I also took a picture of my really cute bow (third picture) cause you can't see it very well in the second picture. :)

Products Used:
- No7 Eye Mousse in Pewter (lid)
- A4 on the 54 Palette (crease)
- A5 on the 54 Palette (outter third of lid)
- No7 360 Lashes
- NYX Lip Liner in Red
- NYX Gloss in True Red


  1. this cute .. what makeup are u gonna wear for xmas?

  2. Thank you! I'm not sure yet, I'll most likely post pictures when I do though :)