Thursday, December 30, 2010

Maybeline Falsies Lashes Mascara Review & Pictures

Maybeline's Falsies Waterproof Lashes Mascara ($11.00) is their newest mascara formula, made to instantly build 8 times more volume to your lashes without clumping.

Packaging: The mascara comes in a thick, purple tube. It's easy to store and handle.
Wand/Brush: The wand is generally pretty flexible, and the brush is fluffy.
Formula: The formula is very "ink-like", I like it because it creates a very dramatic lash effect. The only thing is that it dries pretty quickly, so it can be a little difficult to work with. Although I find that, with almost any mascara, you still need to brush out your lashes before and after with a spoolie to prevent clumping.
Final Thoughts: This is one of my favorite drug store mascaras. It definitely lengthens and gives volume to your lashes.
Availability: Pharma Plus, Shoppers Drug Mart. Maybeline New York.