Thursday, January 20, 2011

Quick Costume Look: Billy the Puppet

I did another really quick look today, this is actually my take on Billy the Puppet from the SAW movies. It's definitely not wearable, and this is definitely a Hallowe'en look. It's actually really easy, so I'm going to write a quick tutorial. (The eyes are photoshopped red in my picture)

Tutorial: Apply a foundation thats one or two shades lighter than your skintone. You want to look really pale. Set it with a translucent powder. Using Benefit's Smudgeliner in black, apply that all over your lid, and blend it out with your finger. Don't be need to be neat about it, the messier the better. Apply the same eyeliner to your bottom lashline and again, blend it out with your finger. Apply a mascara, I used Maybeline's Falsies Lashes mascara, although I wouldn't say it is needed for this look. Using NYX Cosmetic's Red Lipliner, draw on two swirls on your cheeks. Using a thin eyeliner brush, apply Maybeline's Blackest Black Gel Liner to create the puppet mouth. Finish off by applying a bit MAC Cosmetic's Cockney Lipstick.

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  1. good makeup! ill use it next halloween! thanx!