Saturday, May 28, 2011

MAC Cosmetic's Surf the Ocean Crushed Metallic Pigment Stack Review, Pictures, and Swatches (Picture Heavy)

Please Read: I am not paid by any cosmetic companies to review any of these products. Everything I review is bought by me, and I will always give a %100 honest review.
  • Packaging:  These pigments come in 2 different stacks, with 2 shades per stack. They come in clear tube stacks with twist on caps. Each stack is about 2.5 times larger than a regular MAC Pigment, so you're getting a really good deal on these. The regular pigments are $23.50 each (that's $94.00 in total for all four), and all four of these pigments only cost $38.50. So you're getting a pretty good deal on these shades when you buy these.
  • Product: These pigments are described as “frosty platinum, light yellow green, gold bronze, and dirty graphite with silver pearl.” Each individual shade doesn't have a name. Each of these shades are highly pigmented, and long-lasting. Although it's not necessary, the colours work better when applied wet, or mixed with a mixing medium. 
    • Stack 1 / Shade 1: is a metallic bronzy-gold shade. In the pot, this shade looks like gold nuggets. See picture 2.
    • Stack 1 / Shade 2: is an iridescent, silvery, seafoam green. 
    • Stack 2 / Shade 1: is a darkened navy blue shade with teal/blue shimmer.
    • Stack 2 / Shade 2: is a medium metallic silver/grey shade.
  • Final Thoughts: These look amazing! The colours are so fun and pretty. You get an amazing deal when you buy this pigment stack, and I think this is the most impressive thing MAC has released in a long time. This is definitely worth buying, it's limited edition so GO BUY IT WHILE ITS IN STOCK! It's already sold out on the Canadian MAC website, but you could try!
Stack 1: Shade 1, shade 2 // Stack 2: Shade 1, Shade 2

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